Monday, May 10, 2010

Quilt Canada - Part 2

Well, I promised you more about Quilt Canada and here it is - another view of our booth! Actually, I wanted to talk about the other vendors whom I met at the show - not about the Pine Freckle Forest booth - again! 

I was fortunate enough to meet some of the other vendors at the show and have made some new friends. Our booth was next to that of Cathy Tomm from Leduc, Alberta, who was selling her amazing and beautiful hand-dyed fabrics. I was unable to resist the bright colours and managed to come home with a few of her products. Of course it was hard to resist when she was waving them in front of us :) Be sure to check out Cathy's blog to see how she actually dyes her fabrics.

I also met Jean Boyd, a pattern designer from Brockville, Ontario (my home province). Jean designs traditional, redwork and stitchery quilt patterns and I purchased a few from her while I was there. Her memory quilt patterns are photo holders, where you can take the photos in and out of a plastic pocket. No need to print the photos on fabric; you can just switch out the photos any time your want. You can see some of these designs behind Jean in the photo. I was particularly intrigued by Jean's use of the Kaleidoscope Kreator 3 software. It creates kaleidoscope images from photos and she used it to create new fabrics which she then used in her "Wonky Squares" pattern. Ingenious! Jean also had die-cut appliqués already fused with fusible webbing to use with her patterns. Think of how quickly you could construct a small wall hanging if all you had to do was fuse on the already-cut-for-you appliqués! Brilliant!

I'll have further details about my Quilt Canada experience in my next blog.

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