Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Episode 2 of Fusible Web Appliqué Youtube Series

Hi everyone:

I hope you enjoyed the first episode in my Fusible Web Appliqué series on my Youtube channel. If you haven't had a chance to view it yet, you can watch it - and the second episode in the series with a cup of tea and some chocolate.

In the second episode, Tracing Tips and Techniques, you'll learn how to select the appropriate tools for tracing your design onto fusible web. You'll also learn how to maximize your fusible web and use every little bit of it. 
Bubbly Stripes, a Chatterbox Quilts pattern
You can view Episode 2: Tracing Tips and Techniques, on my youtube channel or view it below.

There are still more episodes in this series. I'll be releasing the third episode soon, so keep watching for the release announcement.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Kits and Fabrics for Craftsy Classes at Sale Prices

Hi everyone:

Heads up Craftsy fans...Craftsy wants to help you escape the ordinary and create the extraordinary! Enjoy up to 80% off all inspiring project kits and supplies. Shop now to find your next amazing project during the Stash Of Possibilities Sale. Hurry, offer ends at 11pm PST on February 24, 2014.

I've had my eye on the Sweet Treats kit on Craftsy and this is my opportunity to purchase it at a great price.

Sweet Treats Quilt Kit
Photo courtesy of Craftsy
Or maybe I should get the Kaffe Fassett Crazy Square Table Runner kit. I love the bright colours!
Kaffe Fassett Crazy Square Table Runner Kit
Photo courtesy of Craftsy
And then there are fabrics on sale too Thank goodness I'm not a knitter!

Save up to 80% on Yarn at Craftsy!
Save up to 80% on Fabric at Craftsy!

Have fun shopping!

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day and Sweet Savings

Hi everyone:

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you're enjoying a lovely day with your special someone - and not indulging in too many chocolates (is there such a thing?)

If you didn't receive any chocolates or flowers (can it be possible?), your sweetie could make it up to you by taking advantage of the special flash sale that Craftsy is having this week-end.

Just for Craftsy fans...This weekend only, it's your chance to get up to 50% off perfect matches (for Valentines Day, get it?!?) of 2 Craftsy online classes. You can bundle classes for a bigger discount! Act fast, the offer ends at 11pm PST on February 16, 2014.

Just click on the link below to view the classes that are on sale.

Craftsy Perfect Match Flash Sale

Happy learning!

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Write a Book and Save Money

Hi everyone:

Have you ever considered writing a book? Maybe you would like to assemble family photos or perhaps a collection of your children's stories. You may even want to write a book with photographs of your quilts to document them. That's a great idea! I should actually do that!

Blurb has a special offer on right now until February 28, 2014 for first purchases made by new customers. You'll receive 15% on your first purchase. This can be one book or twenty (maximum discount if $100.00). Just click here to take advantage of this special offer.

If you haven't used Blurb before, it's very easy. You create your book using one of the many templates available, download it to Blurb and your book is created. You are in control (I always like that!) and can view your book before publishing it with Blurb.

We've created several books using Blurb - one was a collection of my daughter's stories and I was thrilled with the quality and price of the final product.

If you're looking for book ideas, check out this video by Canadian Blurb author, Kal Barteski. She’s a working designer, painter, storyteller, book creator, TEDx speaker, and calligrapher who can now add “video star” to her resumé with the first of the Canadian book-maker profiles. 


Her enthusiasm for her art is infectious and I'm sure she'll inspire you to make your own book with Blurb - and save money too!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

New Youtube Series on Fusible Web Appliqué

Hi everyone:

Do you like to appliqué? I love to appliqué and my favourite method is fusible web appliqué. I think this is because it is so fast and easy and those are my favourite words when it comes to quilting. I am easily bored and often distracted so I tend to work on smaller projects using quick techniques. Fusible web appliqué is the perfect technique for me and my patterns use this method of appliqué.
Chatterbox Quilts
Bundle Up, a Chatterbox Quilts pattern
Not familiar with fusible web appliqué? You'll want to view my latest Youtube video series. It's about fusible web appliqué: what it is - and isn't, tips and tricks and how to add more interest to your project.  
Chatterbox Quilts
Hearts Abloom, a Chatterbox Quilts pattern
You'll find the first episode in this series on my Youtube channel or you can view it below. It will explain fusible web appliqué and advise on the tools you'll need for this type of appliqué.

Watch for Episode 2 in the series: Tracing Tips and Techniques.

Monday, February 10, 2014

That's my pattern on the Craftsy Blog!

Hi everyone:

I was reading through the Craftsy blog a few days ago and was surprised and thrilled to see one of my patterns on the Craftsy blog

They were featuring embroidery designs with a heart theme for Valentine's Day and my Flourishing Heart pattern was right there - on the Craftsy blog! (I think I mentioned that already, didn't I, but I was so excited!). 
Photo from Crafty blog
Flourishing Heart is a FREE pattern that I have on my Craftsy pattern store and it is one of my favourite ones. It's a fast and easy project (my favourite words) to learn hand embroidery and makes a great gift. You can make it as a pincushion or a shelf sitter and it's lovely as an ornament too. 
Flourishing Heart, a Chatterbox Quilts pattern

I know that Valentine's Day is fast approaching, but this is really such a quick project, that you could whip up several in time for the big day. And you might even have time to make a few for yourself.