Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Youtube Series on Fusible Web Appliqué

Hi everyone:

Do you like to appliqué? I love to appliqué and my favourite method is fusible web appliqué. I think this is because it is so fast and easy and those are my favourite words when it comes to quilting. I am easily bored and often distracted so I tend to work on smaller projects using quick techniques. Fusible web appliqué is the perfect technique for me and my patterns use this method of appliqué.
Chatterbox Quilts
Bundle Up, a Chatterbox Quilts pattern
Not familiar with fusible web appliqué? You'll want to view my latest Youtube video series. It's about fusible web appliqué: what it is - and isn't, tips and tricks and how to add more interest to your project.  
Chatterbox Quilts
Hearts Abloom, a Chatterbox Quilts pattern
You'll find the first episode in this series on my Youtube channel or you can view it below. It will explain fusible web appliqué and advise on the tools you'll need for this type of appliqué.

Watch for Episode 2 in the series: Tracing Tips and Techniques.

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