Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a Hoot!

I recently finished a project for the Quilter's Connection newsletter, which I called It's a Hoot! I had a great time making this little mini quilt and was thrilled that Quilter's Connection wished to publish it in their newsletter. If you don't already subscribe to their newsletter, you can do so on their website at www.quiltersconnection.ca, where you can also subscribe to their wonderful Canadian quilting magazine.

Although I'm not a hand quilter, I did stitch the appliqués down and quilt this project by hand. But I didn't really consider it hand quilting, although it wasn't done by a machine. I considered this more like embroidering the project. I used perle cotton and did large stitches, à la Kim Diehl, that were meant to be obvious. I even used a contrasting colour of perle cotton so the stitches would really show. I thought that this part of the project would take a long time, but it really didn't. I started to stitch and before I knew it the appliqués were stitched down and the project was quilted. 

Does this mean that I'll start hand quilting my projects? Doubtful! It's one thing to do a small project like this one and quite another to tackle a large quilt. I think I'll continue using my mid-arm machine for my quilting and admire the workmanship of those who choose to hand quilt their quilts.

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