Thursday, August 26, 2010

Comments and email

I'm sitting at home nursing a cold and cough - nothing worse than a summer cold, especially when it's during the only week we've had hot (well, almost hot) weather this summer. I'm also sitting here waiting for delivery of a new washer and dryer - yay! So, while I was at home I thought that I would take a look at my blog and see if I should be updating anything. 

Horrors! I realized that I haven't been getting comments that people had been leaving on my blog posts. How is this possible? Well, I didn't have my settings in Blogger correctly set up. My knowledge of computer matters is good for some things, excellent for others and I-should-be-able-to-get-this-to-work-somehow for the rest of computer-related things. I manage to stumble along and things usually work out okay, but...

So, now I am receiving comments. I apologize if I haven't replied to you as I didn't know you were talking to me. From now on this definitely won't happen!

I also realized that it might be easier for some readers to follow my blog by receiving the new postings automatically in an email. I've now set this up too, so if you'd prefer to be notified when I have posted a new entry, just sign up with your email address and you'll automatically receive my new posts. This saves you scanning my blog every day to see if there is anything new and  you won't miss out on the free giveaways that I have - one of which will be coming up in September. 

Well, back to waiting for the delivery men. Of course once I get the new appliances I still have to wait around tomorrow for the installers (it's a stackable set). Maybe I'll even get some quilting done... or maybe I'll just lie in the sun.

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