Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pssst! Have you heard about the Accuquilt giveaway?

Hi everyone:

Okay, maybe you've heard about it, but maybe you've had your head down quilting and haven't yet heard that there is another opportunity to win an Accuquilt GO! cutter. Yes, I said an Accuquilt GO! cutter! Not only that, but you could win one of three dies as well. That's a chance to win 4 different Accuquilt products. And there are lots of ways to enter too. Are you excited yet? I sure am. Now you'll want to know all the details and how to enter.

SewCalGal is hosting the giveaway and you can visit her blog to see all the various ways you can enter to win one of these fabulous items. 
But maybe I shouldn't have told you about this opportunity. Maybe I should've kept this to myself so I would be the only entry and could win all the prizes. But I guess that wouldn't be very fair, would it? 
So hurry over to SewCalGal's website and enter before midnight PST on February 14 and maybe you'll get a nice Valentine's Day surprise.

Back to quilting!


SewCalGal said...

Psst. Thank you. Very cute post. And I do appreciate the shout out!


Lana said...

Yes, I just heard! I hope I am not too late to join in! Whooo hooooo!

Karen said...

Happy Valentine's Day
Tha for the heads up. I would love to have a "Go".
Karen from Quilted Inspirations

Karen said...

Wow don't know what happened on my post but it is a mess and it should read
Happy Valentine's Day
Thanks for the heads up and I would love to win a "Go"
Karen from Quilted Inspirations