Monday, March 21, 2011

What a cute purse!

Hi everyone:

Lately it seems as if I've been working on lots of things and not finishing very many. Okay, those of you who know me would say "what else is new?", but I do finish things sometimes - really, I do!

We're going to be going away on the March break and I felt that I needed a cute little purse to take with me. Something small and packable, just big enough for some money and lipstick (yes, I'm never without that!). I thought that the Pick a Pocket purse pattern from All People Quilt, would be perfect. Since I've already made two purses from this pattern and have lots of fabric in my stash, I figured it would be quick to whip up. Surprisingly enough, it actually was and I managed to finish this little baby in one day. 

I wanted some bright, fun fabric and had some Cheep Talk from Connecting Threads in my stash. Even better, I had enough of it for this project. I have a bad habit of buying fabric I like without really having a project in mind at the time. I was pleased that I had enough of this fabric and it was the right "look" for this purse.

So here's what the final result!

Pick a Pocket purse with Cheep Talk fabric

Interior of Pick A Pocket purse with Cheep Talk fabric
Do you make your own purses or backpacks? I'd love to hear about your favourite purse pattern.


Anonymous said...

So bright and fun! I have made lots of bags...feel free to check my blog...I've posted just a few pics under my purse tab. I think my favorite pattern is the Ava Rose Tote Bag can purchase that on etsy from Artsycraftybabe -
I've added a front pocket and an additional inside pocket, because I love pockets, but the bag pattern is well put together and I would highly recommend it! =)

sewfunquilts said...

How cute. yes, I make purses and totes all the time.

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Thanks for the comments, gals. I checked out Artsycraftybabe on Etsy (I have a shop there too) and she definitely has some cute patterns. I also liked her finished purses - great fabrics! Maybe I'll have to try a bigger purse/tote pattern sometime...

free indeed said...

I've made several purses by 'winging it'. My daughter is a purse fanatic so I have an appreciative giftee. My latest endeavor was with a pattern because I wanted a purse with a zipper this time so I used the Margo pattern by Lazy Girl designs. It was excellantly written and the zip looks great! I am so psyched to put a few more together. I always seem to modify patterns; I made this first one with selvages. I'm not crazy with the front but the back turned out nice and colorful.
Your little on the go bag is darling with those on the wire birds!

Beginning Quilting said...

This is a beautiful purse. You absolutely did an awesome job in making this purse. I love your choice of fabrics. I think it's pretty fun and very interesting. Keep up the good work! :)