Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIWOW - Aug. 10, 2011

Hi everyone: 

 Yes, it's Wednesday again and I've been working on some new projects, including a new quilt design using the AccuQuilt GO! Tumbler die. I'm also working on something for my daughter's birthday, but that's a secret for now (sorry, Sarah, nice try!).
AccuQuilt GO! 6 1/2" Tumbler die - already used this in another project too
If you haven't noticed, I have a thing for appliqué - specifically fusible web appliqué. My friend, and fellow quilting addict, Cathy Keevill, of Pine Freckle Forest, likes to tease me about this predilection I have for appliqué since I always manage to sneak in some in practically all my projects. 
Appliqué even on my pincushions!
If you follow Cathy's blog, you'll know that she's been working on some quilts that seem to need an extra element to finish them. We discussed one quilt in particular and I suggested that a bit of appliqué might do the trick. I don't think this is really what she wanted to hear, probably because this would mean quite a bit more work, just when Cathy thought she was almost finished this project. But it's undeniable - sometimes a quilt just needs a bit of appliqué - or even worse (in Cathy's opinion), embellishment. 

Which brings me to the project I am currently working on. Fairly straightforward, just alternating patterned and plain tumbler blocks. But they definitely need something. 
These plain blocks are just a little too plain!
What could it be? Appliqué, of course! So, I pulled out some of my other AccuQuilt GO! dies to see what would play nicely together. I thought that flowers would be suitable for the design and fabric I was using in the quilt. The Rose of Sharon (I use this die a lot!) and Feathers dies came to my rescue. First I cut out all of the die shapes on both dies in paper so I could play around with the arrangement on the blocks and this is what I came up with.
This will be appliquéd onto the plain blocks.
See, doesn't that make all the difference? I'm also considering adding a yo-yo or a button (yes, Cathy, these would be dreaded embellishments!) to the centre of the flower, but will decide on this once the top is together. 

Now I have to cut out the appliqué shapes and get this quilt together. That's if one of my other projects isn't calling out to have some appliqué added to it :)

Do you add embellishments to your quilt projects, and if so, what are your favourite ones to use? 


Cathy (Corbin) Keevill said...

Hey. If you're making yo-yos, I have a yo-yo maker. I have several different sizes. I admit they haven't been out of the package yet. I don't know how to use them, but who knows one day i might join you in this embellishment nightmare.

Love those flowers, maybe I need a Go Cutter to do my applique with.

Chatterbox Quilts said...

I also have the yo-yo makers (you're not surprised, are you?) and have actually used them. I'll have to give you a demo. They are very quick and easy and rather addictive. Don't stand still too long or you might find I've put a yo-yo in your hair!