Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pre-Spring Cleaning

Hi everyone:

It's been unseasonably warm in Calgary this past week, but with the warm weather comes westerly winds. They've caused all kinds of havoc in town from items blowing around the backyard to pieces of buildings falling off downtown structures. Luckily my quilt studio is in the basement, so no fabric has blown away! Although that is a good excuse to purchase more fabric!

This type of weather ushers in what my co-worker calls "pre-spring" and since this calls for "pre-spring cleaning", I wanted to let you know about a change I've made to my blog. You'll notice that I've added a new tab at the top for my book reviews. This should make it easier for you to find the reviews and to see if you might want to add one of these books to your library. 

I sometimes find it difficult to remember what books I actually own (not that I have too many, of course!) and use to help me keep organized (too bad there isn't a!). If you haven't tried out this free resource, you might want to look into it. In addition to keeping track of the books in your library, you can view other member's book reviews and even get advance copies of upcoming books to review. 

You'll also want to view my other tabs for free patterns and tutorials, as well as my videos. New videos are being uploaded almost every week and I'd love to hear your comments on them, as well as any suggestions for future videos. 

Happy quilting and stay on the ground!

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