Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Drumroll please!

Hi everyone:

Well, the day is finally here. Drumroll, please! Ta da - Chatterbox Quilts' new website is up and running. 
Our new header

You might remember that my hubby and I have been working on this design for several weeks now. It's been an uphill slog from learning new software (my husband) to revamping photos and pattern covers (me) and editing information (me again). I'm really pleased with the new, streamlined look of the website and especially excited because I'll now have a "real" store on the site. In addition to being able to buy all my patterns directly from me, you'll also have the downloadable patterns sent to you right away. No more waiting for me to get the email and then physically sending the pattern to you as an email attachment. I like the fact that someone across the world can order a pattern and have it right away - even while I'm sleeping! I think this automatic download program will be fantastic and will save me so much time!

A peek at the storefront on the new website

You'll find lots of information on the website from tutorials to videos, blogposts to free patterns. Be sure to check out all the areas so you don't miss out on anything. 

I hope you will explore the new website and let me know if everything is working okay. I also welcome any suggestions on the site. Thanks for supporting Chatterbox Quilts!


Lee D said...

congratulations on the website! I know you have been working hard on it. I hope it is a huge success! thanks for the tea yesterday!

Chatterbox Quilts said...

You're welcome, Lee! Thanks for helping me sort out my scraps.

Katie O'Connor said...

Hmm, and what is the web address of this fabulous new website?

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Oops, I guess this isn't obvious - or only to me :) The website address is the same, only the content has changed :) www.chatterboxquilts.com