Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Free Quilting Courses from Craftsy

Hi everyone:
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I was looking through the new course offerings that Craftsy has recently posted and realized that some people might not know that they also offer mini-courses - for FREE. Yup, completely scot-free! 

Online Quilting Class
I've already signed up for several of the free Craftsy mini-courses; two of which are:

1. Creative Quilt Backs I usually just cut and piece one fabric to make my quilt backs, so I'm looking forward to Elizabeth Hartman's ideas on creating more interesting backings for my projects.  

Online Quilting Class

2. QuiltCon Lecture Series 2013 I couldn't be in Austin, Texas for the inaugural Quilt Con, but found that watching these lectures was even better. I'm sure I wouldn't have been able to make it to half of these lectures if I'd actually been there. I enjoyed the energy of Mary Fons (I think she can out talk me!) and found the panel discussion about fabric manufacturing very enlightening. 

Check out all of the other free Craftsy mini-courses by clicking here.

I hope you'll sign up for one of the mini-courses: it's a great way to preview the quality of the Craftsy courses and learn something while you're at it. 


Peggy said...

Thanks for sharing these - I'm so leery of on-line buying (whether it's courses or products), so just don't even look at them! I'll be checking these out though!

Julia - PhD by Publications said...

Wow, you’re really determined in trying other stuff. Good for you! Exploring more ideas, opportunities and talent is really good. Not only that you will have time to enjoy and you can learn other things you haven’t done before. Good luck on your chosen endeavor! I wish you all the best!