Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cats in Fabric

Hi everyone:

I'm enjoying working in my renovated quilt studio and it really helps to have things organized so I can find them when I need to without spending an hour just hunting down that specific fabric that I need for my current project. You know that I put in some new Ikea Billy bookcases to use for fabric storage and I'm proud to say that my fabric is still nicely folded and in its appropriate category. There's just one problem...
Billy bookcases housing fabric stash -
note the partially open door
the doors operate on a magnetic catch where you just have to push them to open. This makes it very easy to open them for me … and also for Charlie. I thought that having the doors on my fabric storage units would keep the cats and their associated fur out of my fabric. Well, while this is true for Teeka, I can't say the same for Charlie. 
Tell me that isn't a cat in there! Charlie!!
Yes, it appears that cats also find magnetic catches easy to operate!
I thought this was my new snuggle place.

Charlie pushes at the door until it pops open slightly and then paws it open so he can club in and enjoy hiding in the fabric cubby.
You're not going to make me leave, are you?
Okay, so I can deal with one of them in the fabric, but not when this happens:
What are you doing in there? Can I join you?
Yes, Charlie is now encouraging Teeka to join him for some snuggle time in the quilt fabric.
Check it out - it's warm and soft, you'll love it!
So far Teeka hasn't been very enthusiastic and I'm hoping this continues, but I may soon be looking for some new latches for these bookcases to keep the purry assistants out of my stash. 

How do you keep your pets out of your fabrics?


Lucky Duck Dreams said...

OMG!!!! ROFLOL!!!! Give it up, thats what washing machines are for! I have to share this with my cat friends it is too funny! Thanks for the morning laugh! Still ROFLOL!!!!

Peggy said...

Oh, those darn cats! I daren't leave any fabric piled up anywhere or our Tobin claims it as her bed. I'm fortunate to have a closed cabinet that she can't open, but if I leave the door open for even a minute, she's right there checking it out. Then she discovers there's not enough room in there for her - the answer to your dilemma: buy more fabric!!!!

Andrea said...

That is so funny!!! I have a small practice quilt that I lay on one of my chairs downstairs, and my cat likes that spot.