Thursday, March 13, 2014

Episode 3 of Fusible Web Appliqué Youtube Video Series

Hi everyone:

I hope you've had a chance to watch the first two episodes in this series: Episode 1 - Fusible Web Appliqué - What it is - and isn't and Episode 2 - Tracing Tips and Techniques. Now it's time for Episode 3 - Pressing Issues. Again, I'll be dealing with a specific part of fusible web appliqué and this time the heat is on! 
Hoot-mon!, a Chatterbox Quilts pattern
In Episode 3 you'll learn about techniques for fusing with fusible web appliqué and how to reduce stiffness in your appliqué pieces. This knowledge will be especially important if you're creating a bed quilt where you want it to drape nicely. Nobody likes a stiff quilt!

You can watch Episode 3: Pressing Issues on my Youtube channel or by viewing it below.

 There is still one more episode in this fusible web appliqué series. It will be released in a few weeks, so stay tuned for the release announcement.

Do you have any additional tips or techniques that you use when fusing your appliqué pieces?

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