Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Quilts and Some (Actually a lot) of Shopping

Hi everyone:

I recently spent a wonderful day with some of my quilting buddies at a quilt show in Red Deer, Alberta, which is about an hour and a half north of Calgary. Spring is always iffy in Alberta and I've driven to the show in thunder and lightning, snow and rain, but this time the weather was perfect! It was sunny and fairly mild - I was even able to leave my jacket in the van, rather than hauling it around the venue as I usually have to do.
Ready to do some looking and lots a bit of shopping
This is always a great show hosted by the Central Alberta Quilters' Guild. Lots of vendors, seminars, door prizes and, of course, many amazing quilts. While no one in my group won any of the door prizes, I did manage to bring home some treasures in the form of fabric, buttons and books. Luckily I brought my rolling tote or I would've had to make several trips to the van as the day progressed (not buying anything never seems to be an option).

After I finished my shopping (who am I kidding? I continued to shop until we left), I was able to view the quilts at the show. Since you couldn't be there with me, I'll give you a sample of the artistic creativity that was on display.
My Love for Thee by Annette Johnston, Red Deer
Forgotten Barns  by Wendy Rowledge, Erskine; Quilted by Joyce Barkley
Granny's Flowers Collection by Dara Tomasson, Red Deer
Civil War Journals by Cheryl Whitten, Red Deer
Memories of Cassindra by Carroll Coates, Three Hills
Detail of Memories of Cassindra by Carroll Coates, Three Hills

Round Robin by Cheryl Yarmchuk, Rimbey
Standing Room Only by Mary Halls, Red Deer

Union Jack by Kathy Dunn, Red Deer County
This last quilt was based on a photograph taken by the quiltmaker and then the horses were painted on the fabric. Unfortunately, I didn't note the name of the person who made this quilt, so if you know who created this wonderful piece, please let me know.


Colleen said...

I do know! It was "The Runaway" by Ellen Lyons of Red Deer. I was at the show on Saturday. Great show! You took different pictures than me (except for that last one), so nice to see yours!

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Thanks for letting me know, Colleen! I try to take photos of the quilt descriptions, but missed this one somehow - although I did take two photos of the quilt. It was a great show, wasn't it? :)