Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Video News

Hi everyone:

It's Thursday! Yes, most of the work week is behind us and there is Friday to look forward to. To celebrate Thursday, which seems to be overlooked by many, I'm starting Telecast Thursdays. Each week, I'll be posting a new video on my Youtube channel and every week these new videos will be posted on... you guessed it, Thursday!

If you haven't already subscribed to my Youtube channel, be sure to do so - you'll receive automatic notifications when new videos are posted. I have a whole library of quilting videos, from tutorials to quick tips to whatever I'm working on this week and they're all just waiting for you to view them.

This week, I'm talking about harvesting fabric from old clothing, specifically from men's ties. This is a great source of silk fabric and you'd be surprised by the amount that you can harvest just from one tie! You can view the video below or on my Youtube channel.
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