Thursday, October 16, 2014

Telecast Thursday - Got 15 Minutes? Episode 3

Hi everyone:

Another beautiful fall Thursday in Calgary brings a new episode in the "Got 15 Minutes?" video playlist. 

Today I'll be showing you how you can prepare borders for your project in just 15 minutes a day. I always have quilt tops that are almost finished - they just need the borders to be put on, but this is where I seem to frequently stop and stow them away for a few more weeks. I just need to take my own advice and I would soon have lots of tops ready for quilting (and that's another blogpost all in itself!).

You can watch this video below or on my Youtube channel.

If you haven't seen the other episodes in this series, you'll can find them here. Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you'll receive automatic notifications when new videos are released. Clicking on the logo in the top right corner of any video will also allow you to subscribe to my channel.

If you have any tips for preparing borders for your quilt projects, please let me know in the comments below.

Happy quilting!

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