Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Modern Low Volume Quilts

Hi everyone:

Every so often I look for a quilt project to do that is mindless. Not unappealing. Not really fast to make. Just something that is relaxing and easy, where I don't have to think too much. I find this is a good way to recharge my batteries and allow new ideas to flow in.

I found the perfect project in the issue 18 of Love Patchwork and Quilting
I really enjoy this publication, especially the fun, modern quilt designs. Even better, I can download a digital copy of it from my local library!

In this issue I found the Kantha Cool quilt by Jo Avery and decided I would work on this. It's a combination of easy blocks and hand stitching. 
Kantha Cool by Jo Avery
Photo courtesy of lovepatchworkandquilting.com
Haven't heard of kanthas? They originate in Bangladesh and the eastern states of India. Women create layers of old saris and cloth scraps and then hand stitch them together with heavy thread to create thin throws or blankets. A great way to upcycle old fabrics!

I had several bags of fabric leftovers languishing in my studio and I thought these would be perfect for this project.

As I didn't quite have enough fabric for the sizes suggested in the pattern, I adjusted my measurements and cut a few extra blocks. 

I laid out the blocks on the floor to decide on their placement and then labelled the rows. They are ready to be pieced together - which is where I am now.

Rather than batting, Jo suggests using old sheets for the interior layers so the quilt will have the right amount of drape and I have several of these, so I think I'll try that. Her instructions advise to use two layers of sheets, do the hand stitching through the pieced top and sheets, and then add the quilt backing. This way your hand stitches don't show through on the back. I'm going to give this a try.
This layout is Teeka approved
While kantha-style throws are not a new idea, this pattern reminds me of modern quilt designs. I'm recently been exploring these types of quilts and I've curated a list of some of my favourite modern quilt books on my sidebar. Check these out and let me know what your favourite modern quilt books are in the Comments below.

Happy quilting!

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