Friday, November 5, 2010

Book Review - Country Comforts

I've been stockpiling books lately and definitely need to tell you about some of them. I have two "country" books that I've recently received, both quite different from the other. Today I'll be looking at one of these, 
Country Comforts: Quilts for Casual Living by Cheryl Wall. This book will appeal to those quilters who favour a primitive, country look. Cheryl uses traditional blocks, such as Log Cabin and Churn Dash, but gives them a new twist. 

The projects in the book remind me of curling up in front of a warm fire on a cold winter evening - cozy, comfortable and homey. Most of the quilts are large wall hanging or throw size and what makes her projects so appealing is the extra touches that she brings to them by adding appliqué to the traditional blocks. Cheryl writes in the introduction that she is "drawn to the primitive style of quilting and crafting because of the freedom it allows me to make projects that are less than perfect but still beautiful." It's so refreshing to hear this philosophy of quilting when so many of us are striving to make the "perfect" quilt. We sometimes lose sight that quilting should be a relaxing, enjoyable hobby. 

In the quilting instructions, Cheryl provides information about working with wool appliqué and embroidery stitches. I'm just venturing into wool appliqué and enjoy adding embroidery to my projects, so I was pleased to see this information. I also liked the idea of using your extra blocks and fabric to make the quilt backings, rather than buying fabric specifically for this purpose.

I think my favourite project in the book is Mountains and Meadows with its appliquéd stars, hearts and flowers, although I also liked Autumn Equinox with its octagon blocks and appliquéd flowers. Both quite different from each other, but equally appealing, as are all the quilts in the book.

If you like relaxed, casual quilts with a country flavour, this book will appeal to you.

Next time I'll look at another "country" book.


Cheryl said...

What fun to find my book on your blog! I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for reviewing Country Comforts and here's hoping there'll be a Country Comforts Two for you to read in another year or two!

Chatterbox Quilts said...

You're welcome, Cheryl! Loved the book and am always so excited to review a book by a fellow Canadian. Looking forward to book #2... :)