Monday, November 8, 2010

Way to GO!

I've been reviewing the comments that I received from the Fall into Fall Quilter Bloggers Giveaway and while there have been lots of ideas for future blog posts, I received many comments asking questions about the Accuquilt GO!. I recently acquired one of these little wonders, before the introduction of the GO! Baby, and have been using it for various projects. While I'm no expert, here's some information about my experience with the GO!

First of all, there is lots and lots of information and patterns, many of them free, available to use with this little baby. If you aren't already familiar with the GO! and its little sister, the GO! Baby, you really should check out Accuquilt's website. They offer advice, videos, free patterns and have just recently started The Daily Deal where they have daily specials on various products. I am amazed at the amount of information and free stuff (don't we all like free stuff!) that they have on their site - very customer friendly. Of course, Accuquilt is also on Facebook, so be sure to become a fan to receive information from them in this format.

I've also found lots of instructional videos on youtube by several quilters. Just put in "accuquilt" in the Search area and you'll see what I mean. Many quilter bloggers have videos and information on their blogs as well and again, just use your search engine to look for "accuquilt" or "accquilt GO!"

Now, as for my experience with the GO! cutter, I have found it to be very quick and easy to use. I have primarily used it to cut appliqué shapes using fabric to which I have ironed fusible web. I have adhered the fusible web to fat quarters, cut out the desired appliqués and then put the excess fabric in a box for the next time that I may want to cut shapes from this fabric. You can arrange small scrap pieces of fabric on the desired appliqué shape on the die and just cut out one or two appliqués. It's not necessary to use a large piece of fabric. 

I have also used the GO! to cut out some half-square triangles for a project and was amazed at how quickly I could cut a large number of these. The tips of the triangles are already cut off for you, again saving you time after you have sewn them together as you don't have to clip off the dog ears.

While the GO! is fun to use, I'm also impressed by how safe it is. My daughter is very reluctant to use a rotary cutter, but I can't keep her from using the GO! No exposed blades to worry about or lining up a ruler to cut along - just place the fabric and fabric mat on the die, turn the handle and you're done. I think that this would be a fantastic tool to use in quilting classes for children due to the safety and ease of use.
One of my favourite things about the GO! is its small size and portability. When I'm done using it, I just put it on the floor under my quilting frame and it's out of the way and waiting for when I next want to use it. It's also easy to carry so I can take it anywhere in the house - or outside - to use it. Just because it folds up and is portable does not mean that it is flimsy. It weighs more than my Bernina and sits solidly on my cutting table when I'm cutting with it. 

I already have several projects where I used the GO! cutter and have many more in mind. Don't forget that you can take pieced patterns that you already have and cut the fabrics using the GO! Accuquilt has provided a very handy table to show you which dies you would use for various shapes in a variety of sizes. 

If you haven't had the opportunity to use a GO!, I hope you get to try one at a local retailer or show. I'm sure you'll be impressed.

GOt to get GOing!

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SewCalGal said...

Great post!

Not sure if you are aware, but the community of bloggers with AccuQuilt products also has a consolidated list of tutorials and videos that they update for AccuQuilt related insights via a mcklinky. I can send you the link (linky code) if you do not have it.