Thursday, January 20, 2011

Focus and stash

Hi everyone:

Charlie contemplating his 2011 resolutions

I've been noticing a theme lately in other quilters' blogs about their resolutions and goals for 2011. I don't make resolutions, as I mentioned before, but do try to strive to do better at some things. I have a few things that I'd like to work on this year, sort of a self-improvement theme. 

For one, this year, I'm going to try to limit my aimless wandering through the internet chasing down every little cute or interesting article or video. I mean, really, I think I can survive without watching the video of the trololol cat again (but if you haven't seen this one, you really need to watch it!) - or maybe not, but I'm going to try.

I also want to focus on using up the fabric in my current stash. While I may need to purchase additional fabric for backings, I'm sure that I have enough fabric stored away in my studio to carry me through the upcoming apocalypse and into the next millenium. 

I also have several quilt pattern designs for which I have already purchased fabric, so I'm going to work on those designs this year and complete them before I start on any new ones. There, you heard it here first and I hope you'll try to help me to stick to this goal.

I think most of my problem in losing my focus, whether it be on the internet or in completing projects, can be attributed to what my husband calls "monkey brain". I am easily distracted by things and quite happy to jump into a new project or purchase new fabric just because it's on sale. The result of these actions isn't pretty - half-finished projects strewn across my long-arm and cutting table, fabric stuffed into any nook and cranny and lots of papers with half-legible scribblings about new pattern ideas cascading off my sewing table. Things are so overrun that I couldn't even work on a WIP if I wanted to. So...

I'm finishing up WIP's before starting new projects. 

I'm refraining from buying fabric until I've used up more (not necessarily all, though) of my stash. 

I'm focusing on achieving something when I'm on the computer, such as a blog post, rather than chasing every tantalizing link I see on Facebook. 

And, if I backslide a bit, I'll be gentle on myself, fortify myself with chocolate, refocus and start again. 

Off to quilt!


quiltmom anna said...

I can completely relate to this post- it is hard to keep going and it is easy to want to add to the stash with so many gorgeous fabrics out there. I am trying to be disciplined but temptation is there especially when you find some great fabrics out there on line. One of my blog friends Michele from with heart and hands blog did a post about a woman who had passed away and they showed the garage sale they had of her fabrics - now that was some stash. You can find it here
Good luck with your projects - I hope that you find your mojo- I am off to find mine.

Happy Quilting,

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Thanks for the support, Anna. Yes, I did see the post with all the fabric - that really got me thinking about all my stash. Let me know if you find your mojo. I'm sure you will!

Dolores said...

Your goals are some of the same things that I have been thinking of lately. I am presently working on a couple of smaller things to finish them. I really want to get started on other things but these are in the way. I work slowly and try not to be too hard on myself when I stray.

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Good luck on finishing those projects, Dolores! I was out to a shop today and while picking up some embroidery floss, a panel and some fabric fell into my basket :) Still came in under $50, which is a personal best! said...

Oh I hear ya! I need to start looking in and doing less looking around. ; ) But then OOPS - how did that new jelly roll end up in my seeing room!? lol I think I'll sell half my stash off at the next quild garage sale. : )

SewCalGal said...

I think Charlie approves of your plans. Great post, great goals.


Chatterbox Quilts said...

Thanks. Last night I was pulling out some quilts that just need binding sewn on. Still need to finish up that heart quilt first. Maybe this afternoon?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mommy!
My friends(Ellen and Ana) really like your quilts!
Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

Ana likes your Snowflakes a Fallin' Quilt
Sarah :)