Monday, April 18, 2011

More Free Patterns

Hi everyone:

I realized today that I had forgotten to add a few more FREE patterns to my new blog tab. So... I added them in! You may also notice that I've added another new tab (yes, I'm going tab crazy!) with photos of some of my quilting and other sewing-type projects. 
Snow Cool
Fusible web appliqué and hand embroidery
I always think that everyone knows my patterns and other projects that I've actually completed (remember, I have lots of WIP's), but then realized that this isn't necessarily so. Now you'll be able to see a few of my completed projects. 
Flourishing Hearts
Hand embroidery
I'd show you my WIP's, but I don't think that there is enough space on the blog to show you them all!

Blog pages updated, now back to some actual quilting!


Anonymous said...

Love the snowman! =) So adorable. If I did any embroidery...the hearts would be cut too...but I don't have the foggiest! =)

Kim said...

Embroidery is really easy to do and relaxing - a great portable project. I have some step by step stitch instructions on my website at Maybe we'll make an embroiderer out of you yet! :)

jdqltr said...

The snowman and the hearts are both great projects! Thank you sew much for sharing. Love the new look too. Love the background you chose would make a great quilting design!

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Thanks, Judy! You're right about the quilt motif - funny how we get inspiration from everything we see! :)