Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What I'm Working on Wednesday

Hi everyone:

Well, it finally appears to be spring here in Calgary - we haven't had snow in several days (although still being forecast for later this week). With spring comes new ideas and projects and it occurred to me that my readers might be wondering what I've been working on. So...

I'm starting a new weekly post to show you what I'm currently working on. You'll see these posts on Wednesdays, followed by a photo of the finished project in a later post. I'm hoping that this will keep me on track and actually finishing some projects. I find that if I have a deadline or a goal, I do accomplish things. 

These are some of the items that I'm currently working on. 

Doll made with AccuQuilt GO! dies

Stick guy & gal embroidery

Charning Cats & Dogs (detail) made with
AccuQuilt GO! dies for a guild challenge

More stick guy & gal embroidery

Although some of these projects are complete, such as the embroideries, I still need to finish the instructions so that they can be available for sale on my Etsy store: so they're really not finished yet. I do expect that the Charming Cats & Dogs will be done by next week, since this is the deadline for the challenge (deadlines are good!). The doll is a work in progress and is almost complete as well - just need to refine a few details.

I'm going to try very hard to work on these projects and finish them before I move on to other unfinished work. I do seem to recall that I have some hexagons hanging around that need to be included in a project...

What are you working on this Wednesday?


Cathy (Corbin) Keevill said...

I love the doll. Nice to see you working and not off shopping. Thanks for the post, you've inspired me to go work on something.

kc said...

Um...what am I working on? At the moment, I'm just holding down the couch!!! For some reason, I'm having trouble getting back to the two quilts on the table. I hope I get over that soon, 'cuz I always feel better when I've accomplished something!

I just love those kitties & puppies!! I bet they win over lots of hearts! Good luck in your challenge!

Dolores said...

Too cute. I should get out my embroidery and work on it. said...

You make such cute things!! Love them! Expect more snow. My May birthday ALWAYS came with a deep dump of snow when I lived there. (ten years by the way!).


Chatterbox Quilts said...

Thanks, Monika! Actually, it was blowing and snowing today, but I'm hoping that it'll melt by tomorrow. You're right about that May dump of snow though - my son's birthday's on the 15th and we never plan for an outdoor party :)