Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIWOW May 11, 2011

Hi everyone:

Wow, I can't believe it's Wednesday again already. It seems like only a week ago that I was telling you about my current projects. Wait a minute - that was only a week ago! The days seem to be flying lately, but I have been accomplishing lots of things. 

Last week I was working on a project from Chisel Chase and I'm happy to report that I've finished the quilt top. Yeah for me! It looks great and I was pleased at how all the seams lined up. Cutting the pieces with the AccuQuilt Go! really seemed to help. I love the accuracy of cutting with the dies. It certainly makes my projects look good.

Quilt tops pressed and ready to go.
The top from Chisel Chase is peeking out at the bottom.

Since I finished this top, I decided that I should get a backing ready for it - sort of the next logical step, isn't it? Well, once I had that backing fabric pressed, measured, cut and pieced together, I decided that I might as well keep going. So... I prepared backings for 5 other quilts. Yes, quilt tops do tend to stack up in my studio. I spent most of Mother's Day working on the backings and now have all of them ready to load onto the long-arm frame.
More tops and backings waiting to be quilted.

Actually I loaded up a quilt on Monday evening and started quilting it yesterday. It's a 5 and Dime top and I'm doing an edge to edge or pantograph design on it. I usually do free motion quilting, but really need to challenge myself by working with pantographs. It always takes me quite a bit of time to set everything up and I'm using a new laser set-up that I've rigged up myself. I've done a bit of quilting with it so far and it seems to be working okay. Now if I could just make my curves a little smoother...

Hope to finish this quilt in the next few days and work on some of the other projects waiting to go on the frame. I also have my son's birthday coming up this week-end, so I think a little present shopping might be in order.

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful Wednesday!


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your quilting is beautiful. Sure looks like you have plenty to keep you busy!

jdqltr said...

I think your quilting looks just fine. But a hint about curves... use your body not your arms. I snug my elbows at my side and sway my body with the curve. Using your core strength rather than just your arms helps to steady the machine's movement. Keep up the good work!

Lee D said...

quilting looks great and I am so jealous you have a long arm!!! hope you can keep up the momentum to get all those tops done!! enjoy the sunshine too!