Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WIWOW May 18, 2011

Hi everyone:

Another week has come and gone and I've actually finished some more things. Remember that quilt that I has just started quilting last week?  Well, it's done! Yes, and it even turned out quite well. 
Finished 5 and Dime quilt with soft flannel backing
It was my first pantograph quilt and I'm pleased with the results. My husband wondered who this quilt was for. I told him it was for me to cuddle up with while watching tv. He was concerned that the cats would also enjoy it and that this lovely quilt would become too "furry". I don't think the idea of washing it when needed occurred to him since I usually make wall hangings that don't get washed. Not to worry as it's a lap quilt and that's exactly how it's going to be used. Snuggled into, cuddled up with and used. I know I'm really going to enjoy it since it has a soft flannel backing.
Back detail
Now I have another quilt loaded on the frame and started  - one of my own designs, Chock a Block. I'm using another pantograph on it called Cherry Blossoms and I think it suits the oriental fabrics in the quilt. It seems to be going well so far and I hope to have it finished by next week.  
Chock a Block loaded and partially quilted
I know I said that I was trying to finish up existing projects and I really am, but... sometimes a girl just has to try something new! I have been working on some owl stuffies lately, trying to simplify my Hootie pattern. I finally figured out how to make 3-D wings and now am playing around with different eye types. I've almost finished one prototype and am now working on a few others. Maybe these little guys will find their way into my Etsy shop... just saying!
Prototype #1
In between last week and today, we celebrated my son, Jamie's 12th birthday with a shopping spree for him, as well as dinner out and a cake, of course. How long does it take a 12-year old boy to spend all his birthday money? About an hour, leaving him several hours afterwards to play his new wii games. 
Jamie with one of his new video games
Tonight I'm off to our quilt guild wind-up party. Lots of food and chatting; it's sure to be a fun evening.
Peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and
a hint of cinnamon for the guild dessert table
Hope you're enjoying a productive, quilty week!


Karin @ Sew~Write Creations said...

VERY nicely done!!! And, boy do those cookies look yummy! My neighbor cut the grass (OUR grass) today, so I'm fixin' to make him some Apple Brown Betty - can't wait to get the house smelling good! So far this week, with dear hubby out of town, I have managed to make 5 little tote bags. I still have the charity quilt to finish quilting (free motion - yucko!)and get outta here. It's going to the Alabama Tornado victims, so it neeeeeeeds to get done!

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Ooh, I love apple brown betty and yes, your house will smell wonderful! Sounds like you're busy this week too. Great that you're doing some charity quilts - some comfort that I'm sure will be much appreciated. Hope to finish up the quilt on the frame this evening. Everything was going well until I ran into some thread problems and have to do some unstitching. Need to get it off the frame before Charlie thinks it's a cat hammock!