Monday, June 13, 2011

AccuQuilt GO! Die Giveaway

Hi everyone:

Just what you'd like to hear about on a Monday! Talin, who blogs at Talin's Corner, is hosting a giveaway for 3 AccuQuilt GO! dies of your choice. Yes, not only could you win 3 dies, but you get to choose which ones. How could it get any better? 

Well, you have three opportunities to win, that's how. So make sure you enter to win your choice of 3 AccuQuilt GO! dies by Sunday, June 19 because that's when the draw ends.

In case you're wondering which dies I would like. Here they are:

AccuQuilt GO! Rob Peter to Pay Paul die
Image courtesy of
AccuQuilt GO! Fall Medley die
Image courtesy of

AccuQuilt GO! Sleigh & Snowflakes die
Image courtesy of

Good luck!

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