Friday, June 10, 2011

Pets on Quilts Show

Hi everyone:

A while back I blogged about my Posh Pets quilt which I completed for a guild challenge. Luckily for me, it will be perfect to enter in the upcoming Pets on Quilts Show that is being hosted by SewCalGal. This is the 2nd annual show and you will want to get started on your entry right now!

If you're worried that you won't have time to create something to enter, relax! The 2011 Pets on Quilts Show won't be starting until August 15th and runs until August 19th, 2011 (my daughter's birthday!). Plenty of time to whip up a pet-themed quilt or take hundreds of photos of your pampered pooch on your prize winning quilt so you can select just the right entry. You can even do up a quilt design in EQ7 if you only have a virtual pet. 

But I've save the best part until last: there are prizes! You can check out the sponsors and complete details here. 

I hope you'll consider entering this fun contest. I know my Posh Pets will definitely be in the running and who knows, I might even win something.

Hope you've got your own "posh pet" to snuggle with under a cozy quilt.

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SewCalGal said...

Thank you for the great shout out Kim. You are a wonderful PR Angel. And I do hope all quilters that love pets will particpate in the upcoming Pets on Quilts show.