Monday, May 28, 2012

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts 2012

Hi everyone:

Well, it's definitely been a quilty week-end! I spent all of yesterday and half of today at the 17th annual Heritage Park Festival of Quilts admiring the over 650 quilts on display (and doing just a bit of shopping). While the weather wasn't very warm and the sun kept hiding behind the clouds, at least the snow rain held off for these two days. 

I look forward to this event every year for several reasons; here are just a few of them:

  1. Viewing the beautiful quilts displayed indoors and outside around the park
  2. Chatting with my vendor, quilting and guild friends
  3. Practising my acquisition skills in the vendor tent (and doing more chatting)
  4. Finding my own quilts that are on display (a bit of a treasure hunt)
  5. Having a cookie (or two) from the bakery
I'm always amazed at the quality and variety of the quilts that are on display. Just when you think you've seen every possible type of quilt, there is something new. This year I did notice more "modern" quilts, which I think is great. Not only are the fabrics and designs fresh and new, but the quilting is also different and typically more geometric. There were also many young people volunteering at the event and I hope that some of them were quilters too!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, just a few examples of what I was enjoying this week-end.

Okay, they're not quilts, but aren't they cute?
This couple was guarding some of the quilts hung in
the tent outside (didn't see any white gloves on them)
Sea Star by Linda Nixon, Calgary
Quilted by Sheila Mote, Stitchez
Magic Tile by Inge Klingemann, Calgary
Quilted by Cairnhill Quilting
Jelly Roll Brights by Rita Guthrie, Calgary
Cat Nip by Sonja Hind, Calgary
Another Brick in the Wall by Marie McEachern, Calgary
Mr. Kosowan by Beverly Patkau, Calgary
Spring Bouquet by Jennifer Peirson, Calgary
Through the Portal by Jennifer Peirson, Calgary
Rose Garden Wonder by Cindy Phaff, Calgary
Quilted by Fran Stromberg
Just for Fun by Lorraine Rohs, Calgary
Dragon Slayer by Kim Sanderson
Salsa! by Marsha Cochrane, Cochrane
Come on- Get Happy by Mary Dylke, Calgary
Time Machine by Mary Dylke, Calgary
And finally,
Baaack in Black
Posh Pets
Thanks to all the volunteers and quilters who work so hard to put this event on each year. It's always an amazing event and I look forward to the 18th annual festival next year.


SewCalGal said...

What a fun show (and post). Thanks for sharing. All the quilts are beautiful and I love how they are displayed. But, of course, my favorite is the one with your cute dogs & cats.


Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

We were camping at Mclean Creek this weekend otherwise I would have been all over Heritage Park! It looks like it was a great weekend and hopefully the rain stayed away. I'm hoping to be able to go next year since I missed it the last two years in a row.

Your Sheep quilt made me smile - super cute!

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Thanks, Darlene and Kari. Kari, it must've been cold camping at Mclean Creek this week-end, especially at night - brrr! My quilt is called "Baaack in Black" and was featured in Irish Quilting this past year. I am currently working on publishing it under my Chatterbox Quilts pattern label and hope to have it available soon.

Ann Symes said...

Great pictures! I'm still trying to get warmed up after spending most of Sunday gawking at the beautiful quilts on display!

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Yes, it was a big cool last week-end, but at least the rain held off. So many wonderful quilts on display. It just gets better every year!