Friday, June 1, 2012

Fabric Stash Overload

Hi everyone:

As you know, I was at the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts last week-end. What you may not know is that I bought a few things. Okay, if you know me, you would be surprised if I only bought a FEW things. Like most quilters, I love sales and find it impossible difficult to pass up a good deal (must be my Scottish ancestry). 
Wool, buttons and fabric, oh my!
While I enjoy looking at all the quilts, and I do look at all of them, I really love visiting the vendors' mall. I enjoy checking out the latest items and chatting with the vendors (is it a good thing that they all know me by name?), but I really think it is the high I get when I score a good deal that makes my day. And I had a good day last Saturday!
Just a bit more fabric
I could try to justify my purchases by saying that I'll use the fabric in future pattern samples or that they coordinate with what is in my stash, but is it so wrong to buy things just because I like them? I'll admit that I have fabric that has been in my stash for many several years and it still hasn't morphed into an actual quilt, but you know what? I still enjoy taking it out, seeing how it plays with other fabrics and imagining what it might someday become. I figure I get as much enjoyment out of playing with my fabric as I do from creating a quilt. Although it is a bit difficult to wrap individual fat quarters around yourself to keep warm!

Too much?
I'll admit that I went may've overdone it last week-end, but I won't be buying any more fabric for awhile. At least until the upcoming quilt show in Red Deer next week-end :)

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My scrap organization is simple ... dump all the scraps into a large bin. I tell me self that doing this keeps my mind open to all the wonderful things I can do with the scraps.