Monday, June 25, 2012

Counting Down the Days

Hi everyone:

While some of you who have young children are already enjoying their company at home, here in Calgary students are still in school. Well, at least the elementary students are and that means that I'm still working. Yes, while my daughter has already finished writing her exams and has been relaxing at home for the past week, my son and I have still been getting up and getting off to school. The last few days of the school year are an endurance marathon all focussing on just getting to the end of June. Final exams, provincial achievement tests (in french and english at my school), grade 6 farewell parties and assemblies, setting up records for the incoming fall students, it seems that it will never end.
Then, all at once, it does and you realize how much you'll miss those grade 6 students moving on to junior high and the parents who move on with them. But just when I'm starting to get a little weepy, I remember that there will be a whole crop of bright-eyed, fresh-faced five year olds joining us in a few months, along with their equally enthusiastic parents. And then I also remember...
that the end of school means two whole months of vacation, family activities and quilting!

Yes, I look forward to the summer to focus on my quilting designs and perhaps even complete some of my WIPs. Hand embroidery projects are first up in the queue since they are portable, followed by binding finished projects. Since I have long stretches of time (hopefully) uninterrupted by "real" work, I can truly focus on finishing up the myriad of half-done projects and patterns.
Seascape art quilt - needs lots of
embellishment and thread play
Bubbly Stripes - pattern almost done
Crookshank pattern from Castilleja Cotton
Needs to be stitched down and embellished
I'm not setting any goals for myself, other than to get up at a reasonable hour and work on something each day. That's my goal - just work on a project every day and before I know it, I'll have accomplished - something!
Teeka helping with my jelly roll quilt
(love those Kaffe Fassett prints)
Hope your summer plans are shaping up for you!


Lee D said...

same around here, one finished, one finishing and one working. So many schedules to keep track of. I am inside for a short break from gardening....can't wait to get back to the sewing table...maybe tomorrow if it rains and my floors are being where else to hide!

Cathy Keevill said...

Don't forget summer also means more time for coffee and tea with your friends.