Monday, October 15, 2012

Stuffies and quilts and websites, oh my!

Hi everyone:

This past week was very busy for me. First, I had two sick kids in the house - with different ailments. This always throws off my schedule, even though they are now old enough to pretty much look after themselves. It means calling schools in the morning to let them know that my child won't be there and making sure they're hydrated and medicated. At least they are quieter when they're not feeling well, so I  did manage to accomplish quite a bit this past week.

I finished up Teeka's mat. I had some leftover charm squares and thought that they would look lovely as a sleep mat for her - and would give me a small project to practise my free motion skills on. It's almost too pretty for a cat mat, but if anyone deserves it, it is Teeka.
Teeka trying out her new mat
Is this for me?
 I backed it in flannel and she appears to really like it. 

I love it! Notice the flower echo free-motion quilting.
Next I had to whip up a stuffy for Jamie to take to leadership camp - which he didn't go to as he had the stomach flu. In any case, he has a new stuffy to add to his collection. I drew up a pattern on freezer paper, ironed it to a recycled sweater (nice and soft merino wool), cut it out, stitched it up and stuffed it. 
Another stuffy for the collection
I then had to add a bit more to it, so chose some buttons from my collection for his eyes. I think they turned out well. I was pleased that I found a project that begged to be made from one of the many wool sweaters that I have stashed away for just such a design. I was also glad that I could use up some of my buttons and I think they made quite good buggy eyes.
I've got my eye(s) on you!
When I wasn't working on these projects, I was working on cleaning up files for our new website. It's still a glimmer in the distance, but getting brighter every day. This week-end I managed to create a collage of my patterns for the front page and I think it turned out rather well. Patterns are already loaded up into the website store, now it's just a matter of adding text to various pages and then to test it out. Keep your fingers crossed that everything syncs together well. If you work with Rapidweaver, let me know as I might need to ask for some help in the future.

This week I hope to work on some more patterns and do some actual quilting. I have several fall/Halloween projects that are already waiting for me at the sewing machine. 

I hope you have a productive week and are enjoying fall.


Lee D said...

sounds like a busy week, especially when you add in the regular stuff too. Hope the kids are back to school this week!!

Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

Love the little stuffy!!!!

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Yes, Lee, the kids are back to school - yay! Kari, glad you like him (he is kind of cute!)