Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why I'm Not Designing Quilt Patterns

Hi everyone:

Okay, before you get concerned, let me explain: today, I'm not designing any quilt patterns because I'm working on another type of project. Does it involve fabric? Yes, it does. Is it an appliqué type thing? Yes, it is. So, what is it? It's an appliqué template.

Now that the mystery is over, I'm sure you're wondering what an appliqué template is. It's a fusible web appliqué design that is fused together and can then be added to various projects. In my pattern store on Craftsy I have several different designs to choose from.
Manga Owlet appliqué template designed by Jamie Hirst
Frog Face appliqué template

Each design has several individual pieces in it: you fuse the design together and then apply it to different items. Fuse it to a square of background fabric, add a bit of hand embroidery, pop it into an embroidery hoop and you have wall art. Fuse it to a fabric shopping bag and you're set to hit the grocery aisles. Have a little one in the house? These are perfect to add to onesies or t-shirts - just make sure you finish the edges with a satin stitch to ensure that the appliqué will stay attached through multiple washings.

Recently I've been working on a new design that I'll be adding to the pattern store soon. Here's a sneak peek.
Still tweaking the instructions a bit

Templates traced, fused and ready to be cut out and assembled
My appliqué templates are designed for fusible web appliqué and include an appliqué placement guide, as well as individual appliqué templates, already reversed for you.

I've given you some ideas as to how you could use these templates. What other ideas do you have for using these appliqué templates?

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