Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chatting with Diane

Hi everyone:

I recently spent a very long day shooting some video with Diane McGregor of Castilleja Cotton. Okay, Diane and I had a great time chatting about quilting while my hubby did most of the filming and post-production work, but it's not easy being the talent, you know! 

You may not initially recognize Diane's name, but I'm sure that you've seen her patterns in your local quilt shop. Or perhaps you've seen her designs in a quilting magazine. Or maybe you've been fortunate enough to take one of her classes. Diane is a prolific pattern designer with over 500 patterns. 

I appreciated her spending time with me filming the videos. This video series will be released over the next few weeks. 

In the first video Diane talks about her journey as a quilter and shows us her passion, art quilting. Diane has developed her own technique and has created beautiful art quilts based on photographs. Some of these quilts are available as patterns and include complete instructions for Diane's technique. 

I hope you enjoy getting to know about Diane and her quilting.

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