Saturday, February 16, 2013

What happened to Valentine's Day?

Hi everyone:

I was noticing all the Valentine's Day blog posts the past few days and realized that I hadn't posted anything to do with hearts and flowers this week. Well, there's a reason: I've been a bit under the weather this week with a broken toe and a compressed disc in my back (at least this is what is appears to be according to my chiropractor). 

Wow, it's amazing how much a combination of physical issues can set you back - and make you tired! It was all I could do to get out of bed and off to work this week. Thankfully, the back issue is resolving itself - I can now sit for longer than a minute or two and am able to get up by myself - and the toe is better now that I'm taping it each day. But, enough about my aches and pains, how about some post-Valentine's Day presents?

First, if you didn't see my previous blog post, I've uploaded a new embroidery pattern, Candy Hearts, to my website and it's FREE! This is a "sweet" pincushion/pillow/ornament pattern that is very quick to make. 

Another pattern, Sweet Sayings, is also available for purchase. 

In addition, there is a video tutorial for Vintage Hearts, which is a small wall hanging pattern, on my Youtube channel. 

Another heart-inspired pincushion/pillow/ornament is Flourishing Heart, also a FREE pattern on my website.

While these are all appropriate for Valentine's Day, they make lovely gifts for any occasion.

Next, Craftsy is offering a sweet deal on some of their quilting and sewing video classes. 

Craftsy Valentine's Day Sale

I've enrolled in the quilting ones and can vouch that they are fantastic! A great way to learn some new techniques at special prices. This offer expires on February 17, 2013, so you'll want to check these out right away.

Hope you all enjoyed a special day with your family and were thoroughly spoiled by your loved one(s)!

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Lee D said...

glad to hear you are getting up and around. Enjoy time with the family!