Thursday, November 21, 2013

Deck the halls in Ikea

Hi everyone:

Table Setting Detail at Ikea
We were out shopping at Ikea recently looking for some bedding for the wall beds that we had installed a few weeks ago. Of course all of the Christmas trimmings were out in the store which distracted me from my original list, but I was still able to pick up some plates and napkins for our upcoming Christmas party. Yay! They are usually sold out fairly quickly so I was glad to get my hands on them and it's one less thing I have to pick up in the next few weeks. 

Ikea's displays also reflected the upcoming holiday season and I had to snap a few photos of this gorgeous table setting. 
Festive table setting at Ikea
Wow! This greeted us at the top of the stairs. Very elegant and luxe. I could certainly set my table this way for the holiday meal - if I had six sets of plates! I think the stools would be for the designated drivers as I couldn't imagine sitting on these after a few glasses of wine!
Deck the Halls Ikea style
I also noticed other displays around the store which gave me some ideas. I could visualize three embroidered framed signs with "Deck the halls" on them surrounded by fabric. Sarah also noticed "Let it snow", but I'm not sure I want to encourage that type of thing :)

Here's another idea for some of those doilies that I've been accumulating collecting. Doily in the background and appliqué on top. Will definitely have to try this idea.

After getting all the items on my list (and a few extra things), I had to browse around and ended up checking out chairs. While Gary liked the cream Tullsta chair, I was more tempted by the red version. That's just kind of me.

Tullsta in humdrum cream
Tullsta in red - now you're talking!
I was enjoying our Ikea excursion, but I'm not sure that I could say the same for Gary. Guess it was time to go.

Are we through yet?
The post-Ikea collapse
Now to design a few embroidery designs for the Christmas season.


Lee D said...

any trip to IKEA is exhausting. Try working there for 5 years

Chatterbox Quilts said...

But I know that you loved every minute of it, Lee! I always find it better if you know the shortcuts - in and out quicker and not as many temptations :)