Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIWOW June 22, 2011

Hi everyone:

This week I'm focusing on just getting through all the school events that will be happening! 

Monday was the staff appreciation lunch at our school, which is always a nice event. We all truly do appreciate the effort that the parents put into providing us with a chance to enjoy lunch together and chat. Not to mention the food, which was great!

While Monday was an event for me, the rest of the week is filled with special events for my children. My daughter's grade 9 celebration was over a week ago - but that was just for the kids. Yesterday was her award assembly at school where the parents actually got to attend. It was amazing to see how these kids have matured - and grown! - since grade 7. 
Sarah ready for grad
Today is my son's grad/celebration from grade 6. While he didn't want to get "dressed up", we did manage to agree on a dress shirt and pants. Just couldn't quite justify spending over $200.00 for a suit for a 12 year old! There's a reception after the ceremony, so that will be a great time to catch up with the other parents.

So now the big events are over (aside from Provincial Achievement Tests for my daughter), I can hopefully concentrate on finishing my current project. I will be spending some more time on finishing the edges on the appliqué and tweaking the pattern and will hopefully be able to send it off for photography soon. The fact that we are currently "enjoying" a postal strike certainly doesn't help when you're working on a deadline. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they settle soon so life, or at least the mail, can get back to normal.

Here's a sneak peek of the background of this project. You'll have to wait a few more months to see this one completely done. 

Hope you enjoyed a wonderful first day of summer!


Lee D said...

Congrats to the kids and you for getting there! I am up to my eye balls in soccer and still more dance. Trying to squeeze in some sewing and walking too. Enjoy the sunshine

Karin said...

Oh gosh - she's a knockout! and those POINTS & joins - may I just say, Oh, MY GAWD...they just don't get any more perfect than that! And I'm loving the oceanic colors!

Yes, that pesky postal strike is affecting us in the USA too...hope they can get that sorted out quickly!! Thanks for sharing, and congrats to the "little ones!"

Blogger hates me now! kcallander989[at]gmail[dot]com

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Thanks, ladies! Today was my son's grade 6 grad and the ceremony was lovely. Really nice to see all the kids dressed up - and the teachers too :)
Yes, Lee, I'm enjoying the sunshine. Such a welcome change - finally! Off to work on my project some more.