Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hi everyone:

Yes, it happens to everyone, sometimes you make mistakes. And when you make mistakes, you have to rectify them as quickly as possible. 

Today I received an email from one of my customers advising that one of the templates for my Hoot-mon! pattern was missing when she purchased her pattern. I quickly checked on this and discovered that she was indeed correct and one page was missing from this pattern. I was, of course, upset that this occurred, but sent her out the missing page immediately and thanked her for letting me know about this. I was very grateful that she had advised me about this as I had not been notified about this before and certainly didn't want my future customers to be missing part of the pattern. So, if you have purchased my Hoot-mon! pattern, please email me and I'll be happy to send you out the missing page.

And, continuing along the line of ooops!, I've decided to withdraw my Harry Potter Inspired Stitchery Set from sale. Although it is my daughter's original work, there has been some discussion of the possibility of copyright infringement by using the name "Harry Potter". I certainly don't want to enter this realm at all, so I won't be offering this little set for sale. I will be posting it on my website if you would like to download it for free. 

I'd like to thank Sarah for all her hard work that she put into both designing and making the samples for this, simply because of her love of all things Potter. I appreciate her maturity and understanding as to why I won't be selling this pattern. She has been inspired by J.K. Rowling's success with the Harry Potter series and I know that she'll be just as successful an author herself when she's all grown up. Thanks, Boo-boo, I love you!

Hope you're having a non-ooops! day :)

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Diane McGregor said...

Why don't you just rename the embroidery patterns to get away from the copy right issue. Just say that the patterns were inspired by Harry Potter books which of course is true.

Also I usually give a customer a free pattern of their choice is their is something wrong with the pattern. Just a thought. Makes the customer feel more special and that you care.